CRC Graduate!

by Kelly on November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving, All!

Well, I may not be “honor grad”- but the CRC has pronounced me deployable!  Bill, Butch, Dan, Cullen, Gary:  I qualified w/ 9mm today, with a score which perhaps is not so grand as to require publishing in this forum.  I have the good fortune, however, to be deploying with one of the President’s Hundred – so I should return to you a stone cold killer!

(Bill feel free to explain to Gen Pop what a big deal that designation is- the 100 thing, not the CRC “pass go”)-

Will be quiet for a few days, and return to you when settled in country-  My blogmeister will be posting more pics soon, and please… talk amongst yourselves!  The participation in this blog is a huge morale booster for me-  I don’t think one realizes the emotional impact of leaving all that is familiar and loved until the eve of that event- more on that topic later… have a great story to relate about how a friend handled his goodbye to his 5 year old (pause for a moment and think about how hard that must be…)

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