Day 3 at the CRC… Still no horror

by Kelly on November 22, 2010

….OK, so either my experience at the CRC is vastly different from most, or folks are making much ado about nothing when they relate CRC horror stories.  These folks here in C Company are sliding us through hoops like greased pigs.  We did the medical evaluation today, which involved 7 different stations…which we cycled through in less than an hour. 

We had a break this afternoon, so loaded as many NCOs in my rented Nissan Sentra as it could legally carry and made a PX (Post Exchange- sort of a military Walmart, only tax free) run. 

It has been so long since I was in the company of any NCOs, I’d almost forgotten how great they are to be around.  This particular group was funny, sincere, and passionate about their jobs- both the ones they are leaving and the new challenges they are running toward in theater. I’m sure they thought I was doing them a favor by giving them a ride, but in truth I got the most out of the trip.

Tomorrow we draw our equipment, weapons and gear and also do a lot of admin stuff-  basically making sure our personal affairs are in order before we launch.  (Standard stuff).

On Thanksgiving, whilst most of you dine upon bird, we’ll be reacquainting ourselves with weapons and the range-  in my case, a 9mm.  It has been awhile for me, but I expect I’ll have plenty of help re-greening on this particular task, and I am hoping the old adage about riding a bicycle applies …(although Doug can attest to the fact that I did, in fact, forget that skill and proved it by crashing weekly in the summer of 2007).

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