Trying to keep up with Geek Jones

by Kelly from the Path on November 21, 2010

Doesn’t it drive you crazy that your newly acquired technology becomes nearly obsolete before you can free it of the bubble wrap packaging?

To wit:  I was on the wait list for the first version of the Amazon Kindle.  This was less than 2 years ago- they are now on the FOURTH upgrade!  The newest version features three times the storage space and battery power, plus is sleeker, slicker, and has slightly better resolution.  It is also international, and many (most) European countries and quite a few countries further east are also within play. It has also dropped considerably in price.

Fortunately, I found a personal solution to this dilemma by leaving my original Kindle on an airplane, which belonged to an airline that WOULD. NOT. EVEN. LOOK. in seat pocket 7B.  (But that’s a separate rant).

Likewise, cameras:  Bought my first 2 Pixel Pocket Camera for about $500 in 2004.  Upgraded to an incredible 6 PLUS PIXELS (!) in 2007 for a mere $600.  My husband informs me my cute new point and shoot has 12 pixels, and set him back about $100.  It has a (ridiculous) 4GB memory card. 

Pixels, Schmixels.  I don’t even know what a pixel is, frankly.  I can gather little curiosity for the matter.  I just know more is GOOD.  Less is BAD.

So my questions to you are these:  at what point do increasing pixels give diminishing returns?  How many GBs worth of pictures can your average erstwhile blogger POSSIBLY need in a lifetime?

The netbook with which I offer this rant has more storage capacity than any computer built prior to the 1990s, and it is of fairly modest means. (Note to readers:  This is the first of many completely made up and unverifiable facts I will hoist upon you, although I’m reasonably certain it’s true).

Saw a LTC in one of the many queues today with her new I-Pad, drawing a small crowd.   Bet by the time we redeploy, there will be a thinner, lighter, better, faster one.  I’m waiting for that one!

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