Update from Fort Hotel

by Kelly on November 27, 2010

Have launched from Fort Benning but still stateside, some unforeseen technicalities have delayed our departure from where we were to cross the ocean. We are cooling our heels on the east coast.  A nightmare for the leadership of our contingent (a colonel and sergeant-major), but to their credit they (somehow) found suitable accommodations for all of us and we’ll be moving forward shortly.

Give Soldiers a warm bed and a full belly and they are pretty much content-  most are taking the delay in stride.  It is sort of enforced rest, and probably well needed for those of us sprouting a gray hair or two. Of course, I am a natural vibrant red head (these days), so referring to the others.

Have many pics from CRC at Benning, but unfortunately have access only to my checked baggage so can’t download them until I hit Iraq- will catch up then.  My webmeister might be able to post a few I sent earlier, I have some technical limitations from present position.

If this reads somewhat cryptically, it is because we tend not to advertise our exact location and movements- this is what we call “operational security” (or OPSEC).  So exact places, schedules, numbers are best kept fuzzy. In this case, it’s no secret that people leave Fort Benning and eventually wind up in Southwest Asia, so ok to relate the generalities.

I am really glad I listened to my husband, the retired colonel, and packed extra essentials (like clean unmentionables and a tooth brush).  My roommate Linda is glad too.

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