Update from the CRC

by Kelly from the Path on November 21, 2010

….. Or “CONUS Replacement Center”.  CONUS = Continental United States.  This is a place where onesies and twosies headed for theater (either Iraq, Afghanistan, or a number of other places) are trained, outfitted, and validated for deployment.  I’ll be here about a week before flying eastward toward the end of next week.

The CRC has a bad reputation for being a slow, frustrating, and aggravating drill of endless lines and seemingly pointless requirements.  So I am pleasantly surprised to be finding it otherwise-  our cadre company (the team putting us through all the stations, led by a CPT company commander and a couple junior officers and several NCOs, or non-commissioned officers) seems to have their stuff together.  They are efficient, and so far have not shown a prediliction for gratuitous BS (I figure that’s an acronym everybody gets).

I’ll post a couple photos from the CRC portion of the adventure, just as soon as I figure out how to download them from the cute new point and shoot camera my husband bought me the day before I left the NCR (national Capitol Region, AKA greater Metropolitan Washington DC).

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