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by Kelly on December 18, 2010

….so in the middle of this here page, you will find a small, unassuming strip of google advertisements.  This nifty little tool runs ads based on what its filters find as topical to the page- with the idea that the ads so chosen will appeal to you, dear readers, since you are, after all, wasting precious electrons (both cerebral and cyber) by dallying here.  Google pays a pittance to site owners for any clicks elicited, thus defraying the (admittedly nominal) cost of keeping the site up.  The goal here is not to grow any substantial wealth, but perhaps to break even more or less- which somehow satisfies the capitalist nature all good Americans hold at their very core.  Sounds great, right?

Only there’s one little catch: site owners are not consulted on ads chosen to populate the strip.  I just checked mine, and found that I am in the unenviable position of facilitating any desire you may have to “meet women in the UAE (United Arab Emirates)”.  Well, that’s just swell.  Because I spent like a third of my life studying women’s issues and women’s health care just for such an opportunity.  Sigh.

I suppose it’s the references to the region that inspired Binary Brain here to post the ad-  I think our webmeister knows how to lodge an objection; I will need to consult him.  Until then, do try to refrain from the urge for the 4,000 mile hook-up.

(It occurs to me this post will only give Binary Brain ….romantic inclinations and make matters worse.  OK, I had to clean that last sentence up like 3 times to retain our PG-13 rating).

~Madam Kell

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