Battle Rhythm

by Kelly from the Path on December 4, 2010

Here almost a week, and have been advised by those who’ve been in place that the best way to go is to establish a structured battle rhythm. Makes sense to me, so started mine yesterday. Here it is:

05:30- Wake up, contemplate navel for 15 minutes.
5:45- Actually arise, make bed and tidy up CHU (Containerized Housing Unit): in other words, one half of a single-wide trailer- other half thus far empty-(I am not particularly aggrieved on that point).
6:00- Walk ~ .25 mi to gym, put in 30-45 minutes on elliptical (depending upon how much navel contemplation actually took place), walk back to CHU.
7:00-08:00- Personal Hygiene (yes, it still takes me a full hour, even in a desert).
8:00-08:05- Inventory of physical self prior to exiting CHU. This is crucial and involves a mental checklist: “Did I leave my air conditioner set correctly? Lock up my wall lockers? Do I have my CAC Card? My Palace ID? My weapon? My Cover (hat)? My key to the CHU?” Inevitably answer to one of hese questions is no, and some adjustments occur.
8:05-08:30- Walk ~.5 mi to Palace. Stop for quick breakfast, time allowing (usually not, keep stash at work).
8:30:00-08:30:05- “Holy Cow, I work in a PALACE!!!” (N.B., Not sure how long this will last- “Holy Cow I work at the PENTAGON!!!” Persisted less time than one might think).
8:30- Commence productive activity. (Old military types will note humane start time and roll their eyes. Mostly they are hallucinating about how hard they actually worked and how long their work days were, but they have earned that right).
11:30- Lunch with the J5 Assessments Team.
12:30-14:30- continue productive actions.
14:30- 16:00- Back to CHU to change for second workout. Rotates daily: upper body weight training, cardio, lower body weight training, cardio, upper, cardio, REST, lower, cardio…ect., ad infinitum. Assess need for personal hygiene and take appropriate action, accomplish third costume change of the day, return to workplace. (…again, IN A PALACE!!!!).
16:00-18:00- Commune with my NIPR (unclassified) and SIPR (classified) computers, read, research, occasionally expound (…well, eventually I’ll expound. Must first have a clue).
18:00-19:00- Dinner with J5 Assessments Team (we’re a tight-knit group).
19:00- ? Back to office, with anticipation of variable levels of productivity at this point. Depends. Sometimes there is movie night or some other distraction.
21:00-ish-22:00- CHU time. For me: email and play with BLOG, read Kindle.
22:00- 0:530- Coma, interrupted by at least one LONG (as in outside stumble to another building) trip to the Little Soldiers’ Room, as is the Curse of mid-life.
-and then-
Ground Hog Day! Get to do it all over again! x 180 do-overs! (Ah, the glamour of it all!).

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