Merry Christmas from Baghdad!

by Kelly from the Path on December 25, 2010

OK, you lurkers- how many of you will at least poke your head from beneath your cyber rocks to reply with a merry merry for the season? I know you are out there! I have ways to see you!

…Actually, this picture of Libby and me was not taken in Baghdad, but during our brief stopover in Kuwait; we haven’t gotten around to taking one in front of our Al Faw Palace tree yet. Today, she, our boss Renee and I are all going to a party for Iraqi Boy and Girl Scouts- we volunteered to help with crafts. Anyone who knows me well enough to know how crafty I am (not) is snickering at this point). We have presents from “Papa Noel” and also plan to serve a big meal. The scouts program is a regular one here on Victory Base, and I am hoping to make some contacts with the folks who run the program and perhaps get involved on a regular basis.

Tomorrow, will throw a small tea party in my CHU for the women of our branch (all 4 of us plus a stray Air Force type one of us adopted and therefore is now one of the gang). I will serve my sister’s unparalleled version of The Grandpa Baker Christmas Cookie recipe (Thanks, Erchin!), and some treats purchased from a deli type operation one of the vendor’s runs. (Definition of a “treat” here is anything you cannot get in the Dining Facility (DFAC)- in other words, anything DIFFERENT). I also packed some small gift-y bags, which were fun to put together.

Tomorrow afternoon, it’s business as usual, but we’re all enjoying a few hours off today. Of course, there are folks deployed all over the world who won’t get that- spare them a thought and some thanks today.

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