Rain in Baghdad

by Kelly on December 11, 2010

So, it actually does rain here-  woke up to wet gravel outside my CHU with a light layer of slimy dust.  Turns out wet dust smells worse than dry dust.

We are entering the Rainy season here, which means it will likely rain a bit every about a third of the days through February, with temps cooling to lows of 40s and occasionally even 30s,  and highs only in the 50s to low 70s.  It was amusing to see folks who have been here awhile wearing fleece jackets to dinner when then temps dipped to a frigid 65 degrees last night.

I’m told when the rain is a bit heavier (it is never exactly monsoon-like), the mud can be a problem.  Looking forward to that, especially since I have no running water in my CHU.

(Efforts at CHU cleanliness continue with limited success.  Most folks appear to be able to let it go easier than I.  They are wrong and immoral).

I have a few hours to myself this morning- slept late (06:50), cooked up some yummy instant oatmeal in the microwave in my CHU, heading out now to the gym.  Will attempt to post some more photos later tonight, now that I have figured out how to do so.  Need to learn how to archive these with other photos, but for now at least I hope to show the studio audience some pics of the Palace(s)  (did I mention I work in one?) and surrounding sights here on Victory Base Complex.

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