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by Kelly on January 28, 2011

Hey sports fans….  neglected to post much this week; I’ve been battling a nasty cold.  Actually took a day to hibernate in CHU (feeling oh so sorry for myself), and had to take an entire week off from the gym-  there was simply no point.  Did get a couple Yoga classes in, and they felt like hard labor (which sort of goes against the purpose of that activity).

Well on the mend now, and while not quite 100%, was surprised how a week off  from beating myself up in the gym actually did a body good:  had an excellent time (caveat: for me) on the elliptical for a 5 mile jaunt, and was marginally more flexible at yoga last night (this is measured in small degrees in my case…. microns…angstroms….).

We’ll see what the scale says.  Trying to pare down (significantly) while here- so hitting the gym for a couple hours/day (once at 0500, and again whenever possible ~12 hours later).  All they say about losing weight at “a certain age” is, sadly, verifiable truth.  But not impossible!   Down 12 pounds at present, which my friend Kara informs me is an entire size-

Along this end, also taking something called “The 500 Mile Challenge”, which I will blog about in the near future.  Right now, turning in for the evening… 0500 comes early, and I need to jump back on that wagon.

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