Dinner Party, Baghdad Style

by Kelly on the Path on January 18, 2011

Last weekend I was invited to a dinner party. (At least there was little dilemma choosing what to wear: options being my duty uniform, or my PT uniform…as this was an informal affair, went with the PTs). One of the LTCs here has made friends with one of the Turkish tailors on the base. They have a small kitchen toward the back of the store, which they loan to LTC Mike every few weeks or so. Menu this time: Lamb, Chicken, kibbeh, hummus, grape leaves, okra in sauce, fried cheese (sinfully delicious), some kind of scrumptious soup I didn’t catch the name of, and fresh bread (!) from the new bakery next door.

The merchants joined us in the feast, and made us tea afterwards. We all watched the soccer game on TV. It was great to see the (happy) pandemonium when Iraq scored the only goal to win in overtime, (soccer being the unifying phenomenon of the modern age).

Trying to coax LTC Mike into offering up a guest blog post, so he can describe why he throws these parties, and what the experience means to him. For my bit, trying to worm my way onto the “A” list for future gatherings!

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