The Rat Killer Post

by Kelly on January 23, 2011

Dave 7, Rats 0

….For Libby’s Mother-in-law, who rightly observed that I had promised this story but did not deliver…

Al Faw, perhaps apropos in its manifestation of the glorious aside the grotesque, is rat-infested. You never actually see them- they are Stealth Rats, leaving only occasional sign of their presence (use your imaginations here)- but still, ew.

MAJ Dave, our valiant friend and frequent subject of posts herein, has taken up a vendetta against the critters. At first armed with only a couple substandard traps, he talked the pest control folks (one may well ask: where were THEY?) into donating a case of traps to his cause. His jihad against all that is rodent has been so successful, his coworkers now have to survey the area carefully before settling into their cubes in the morning, lest there be a trap (with or without rat) under their desks. There have been some murmurs of dissent, but it’s hard to argue with the guy de-ratting your AO.

 Here, then, is Dave holding the Weapon of Rat Destruction (the WORD), having fed his latest victim to the aforementioned Nasty Mutant Carp (NMC). It is a brilliant disposal plan, actually- on many a crisp, clear Iraqi morning following a successful hunt, one can find Dave heading for the edge of the moat trailing a happy band of uniformed fans, off to witness the feeding frenzy. If you need a better visual on this, click the you-tube link below for the video. (Warning: video may be objectionable to children, members of PETA, people of good breeding, and well, just about everybody else):

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