Guest Blogger MAJ Dave, from the Range

by Kelly from the Path on April 17, 2011

This report in from MAJ Dave, just in from the Range….

“Whoo Hooo! I earned the EIC Bronze yesterday and 4 points towards my US Army Distinguished Pistol Shot Badge. I was 5th overall which put me in the top 10% of all the competitors. Now I have something to hang next to my US Army Distinguished Rifleman Badge. Nice “war trophy” to take home from Iraq! Some will say I “beat up on the little kids” but I’ll take it, top 10% with this rack grade issued pistol was pretty good. I had to aim OFF THE PAPER at 25 meters to get a bull.

Still exhausted physically and mentally, 11 hours in the sun without shade on the range today. Called the line and served as range officer for 116 shooters, 27 relays during our EIC Combat Pistol Match. As tired as I am, still the best day in Iraq I’ve spent.

We spent 3 months planning it, but actually one of the best ranges I’ve ever shot on. I’m drafting an article for the PAO to publicize the event. A lot of shooters loved it and said they wish they could do it more often. ”

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