Long awaited moment…

by Kelly from the Path on April 23, 2011

This week we “farewelled” all the people redeploying in May… for those unacquainted, the services have a tradition of “hailing” newbies and taking “farewell” of those moving on in a ceremony (apptly named the “Hail and Farewell”). In lager commands, where coming and going never ceases, these often occur on a monthly basis- which seems about the OPTEMPO here. These are, frankly, long and somewhat painful events with awards and speeches- but (as we’re all reminded… every time…) this is important. So posting some pics here of me receiving my award, for which I am genuinely somewhat pumped as it makes the whole getting out of here part that much more tangible. Plus, I scored two new pieces of bling which may knock my service ribbons into that critical fourth row (which still will not come close to catching up to my buddy Mitch back home- love ya Gun-her). Also note the one of me giving my 15 second acceptance speech (you’ll never have to drag this girl off the red carpet). I am particularly fond of this photo, as I look an awful lot like my younger sister in it- in fact, made me do a double take.

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