LTC Libby’s daughter Rhea stands in for Mom

by Kelly from the Path on April 17, 2011

Guest Blogger LTC Libby offers this story about the lovely Rhea, who recently made sure Dad wasn’t dateless for the big dinner dance:

“This is a picture from the Systems Department’s Spring Formal [at West Point]. As I was unable to attend, Russ took our daughter Rhea (who is 11) with him (…which is good, as her dress looked adorable and is so much cuter than my ACU’s! ). Her Grandma Carlee sent her two dresses to pick from for the event. (Thanks Grandma!) Aunt Jenny was visiting and babysat the twins

Rhea’s recap of the evening went somewhere along the lines of:

“The food was really good, the speeches were really boring (and waaay to long!), but the bathroom had 18 different scented soaps in a basket which was really cool. Everyone danced at the end which was a lot of fun.”

Russ’s recap went something like: “She disappeared to the bathroom for most of the speeches, and I couldn’t get her off the dance floor when it was time to go. And her dress is too short.”

Aunt Jenny’s comment to the whole event: “We had to raid your dresser for the stockings, and you should have seen the other dress (mini-skirt!) Grandma sent!!”

Me? ….I was just happy to get a picture. Made me smile all day.”

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