Pink Crocs …. not everyone can rock this look!

by Kelly from the Path on April 11, 2011

MAJ Andy, like many of my Army brethren, cannot pass up a bargain. These pink crocs, (size 13), were apparently quite the steal. He doesn’t take too much guff, however, as Andy is rather well put together (enough so to take lesser mortals apart, anyhow).

He is standing out front of an example of what makes our Army great. I mean this in all sincerity…. there is a group of guys who work the night shift, and as the rest of us are trudging in, we frequently pass their attempt at a beach party- held right outside the T-wall of a CHU. A closer inspection will reveal the beer is only near, and the “shots” likewise as harmless. Not in this view is the “pool”… inflatable kiddie variety. But they come together, sit outside and have a few laughs. And that, my friends, is how you spell Resilience!!!

I love Soldiers. I truly do.

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