Victory Base Complex 2011 Women’s Ring Push -Ups Champion!

by Kelly from the Path on April 28, 2011

A great day in sports history….

This post is dedicated to my brother and sister, who alone can fully appreciate the irony, having observed for years (ok, decades) their sister being The Last Man Chosen for all sports activities. And I mean: ALL sports. Badminton. Table top foosball. Tiddley winks.

So what if I was the sole female competitor? – This fact diminishes my accomplishment not in the slightest. I completed (sort of) 7 Ring Push-ups… (they are HARD), and without breaking my neck, or my nose.

Here I am pictured with my fellow champions. Note also I am old enough to have given birth to any one of them (further testimony to my greatness).

A special thanks to my friends Renee and LTC Robert. Thanks Renee for having the camera handy to immortalize this auspicious moment in Sports History. Thanks Robert for literally dragging me, kicking and screaming, towards glory. And look, bling!

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