I have commanded a Drill Sergeant company, attended the births of over 500 babies, and mixed several hundred thousand cocktails (only a small fraction of which were personally imbibed).

I have been (am), (therefore), a Bartender, Patriot, Soldier, Nurse, Midwife, Student, Teacher, Leader, Follower, etc, ad infinitum and not necessarily in that order.  In addition;  I am a Wife, Sister, Daughter, Friend, Chief Bottle Washer, Cook, and Indian Chief.  (Well, OK: all but the last).

Suffice it to say my own personal paths have had their share of bends and ways.

My point here, (if not yet painful obvious), is this: We are all many things to many people; Our individual “paths” are not well worn and nor obvious, but often encounter tortured and convoluted “bends and ways”…. which, (to paraphrase Bobby Frost), Makes All the Difference.

We each have our own way, road, path to travel-  this voyage is of great interest to us individually, perhaps even of (more or less) interest to those close to us.

This blog serves, then, two purposes:  One reaching outward, the other inward – (and altogether self serving).  I hope to keep in close contact with those I Love/ Admire/ Respect/ Somewhat Tolerate…


I hope to chronicle for myself (and whatever posterity I leave, real or imagined)- what this (surely) seminal event of traveling to a distant land for love of culture and country means to me-  how will my beliefs going be challenged or reinforced, what personal growth is to be realized here?

Surely the sum of our experiences predicate who we are and who we become (as we are all constantly evolving)-  Choosing the path less taken impacts that (for better or worse).  Thanks for coming along for the ride. See the tab under this one (“About me”/ “Inspiration” ), for Robert Frost’s famous words as well as an attempt to illuminate the whys and wherefores of this little project.

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